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Please take a look around, there is a detailed discography with tastes of the music and much more.. Hope you will enjoy it!


What's Cooking Folks? is a collection of shows by RADIOFOLK.DK where musicians from around the world features some of the most interesting roots, folk and trad music, that is happening in their country right now. In this edition of the program, I was asked to be the host and I chose to focus on the living Danish music tradition, introducing some of our most powerful bands and soloists right now. I hope you'll have fun listening and enjoy the music as much as I do :)
Follow the link to Stream on Demand or Podcast!
What's Cooking Folks?

New music fresh from the studio!

We've been recording at David Lange Studios for a new CD with the trio "3 fiddlers, 3 traditions"! Take a listen to the first pre-mixes right here via Soundcloud! The trio will be touring Denmark in February 2017, but already in the summer of 2016 you can catch them live in the Pacific NW!!!

Thanks a lot to FolkWorld for a great review of our Lydom, Bugge & Høirup trio CD, "Gangspil", we're very happy about that!
Read it here: www.folkworld.eu

The CD is released by Go Danish Folk Music!


JENSEN & BUGGE + HØIRUP nominated for the "Tradition Award" at the Danish Music Awards (Danish Grammy) 2015!!! The Trio released the new CD, 
"Slid din tid" this summer on the record company Go Danish Folk Music. The award ceremony takes place in Copenhagen on Saturday November 28th 2015!
All are welcome!
More info here!

The new BALTIC CROSSING CD: "The Tune Machine" released on www.gofolk.dk as a part of the band's ten years anniversay celebration! Find the CD on www.folkshop.dk 

The CD has already recieved amny great reviews and was selected as ALBUM OF THE MONTH on BBC Radio 3's World on Three, July 2015!

Baltic Crossing – The Tune Machine (Go’)
"This is an album like none other you’ve ever heard before. You’ll think I don’t know you well enough to say that, but I’m pretty confident, nevertheless. Five musicians – two Finns, two Danes and one Brit – use the instruments and music of Scandinavia to, as far as I can tell, have about the best possible time you 
can ever think of having. The musicians’ spirit and their ability is infectious, poignant, and invigorating. Sometimes, especially in the world of folk music, we forget that irony and sarcasm don’t have to be the only serious emotions left to us. Case in point, this disc is an absolute, unbridled joy." — Glen Herbert, www.singout.org

Two awards to Habadekuk at the Danish Music Award Folk 2014 (Danish Grammys)

Both the award for "Folk Album of the Year" (for the album "Kaffepunch")  the "Tradition Award of the Year" went to Habadekuk at 

the big annual DMA FOLK 2014 in Copenhagen!

We're so happy, honored and proud! Sending you all a very warm thank you for all the support!
Best wishes for a good and peaceful Decmeber to you all! See you soon again out there :)

- many more pictures from the big celebration night right here!

Same evening I had the great pleasure and lot's of fun plying as a part of the "DMA Folk Allstars Dance Band" together with my great friends Mette Kathrine Jensen on accordion, Sonnich Lydom accordion and harmonica, Anders Ringgaard on trombone, Malene D. Beck on piano & Morten Alfred Høirup on guitar. We're hoping that the band will continue and be booked on to play at festivals the coming summer and autumn in Denmark and abroad. - here you can hear how it sounded!

I'm so happy, proud and excited to announce that our new HABADEKUK album, "Kaffepunch" has been nominated as

Folk Album of the Year at the Danish Music Award 2014! HABADEKUK is also nominated for the prestigious Tradition Award!
I'm looking a lot forward to the big music party in Copenhagen on November 29th! I've been chosen to lead and perform with the annual DMA All Stars Band! We'll be playing a set of great traditional music from the Northern "Thy" region in Denmark and during the evening we'll find out who gets to take home the awards. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed!!!

Festival- and summertime is here!
The Danish Skagenfestival just awarded Habadekuk The Danish Folk Music Award of the year! See the pictures here!
Jensen & Bugge played the annual festival-church-concert in the beautiful Skagen Church. It was packed with 650 people in the audience, a wonderful and very warm experience! - see pictures and video here!
Visit the calendar for a list of the forthcoming festivals and much more..
Have a great summer!!!

Three new CDs has been released so far in 2014:
Habadekuk - "Kaffepunch"
Dwight Lamb, Jensen & Bugge - "Live in Denmark 2013 - part two"
Baltic Crossing's anniversary CD "the TUNE MACHINE" has just landed, more news on that very soon..

Great news for the summer coming up!!!
The American/Danish newspaper BIEN, writes about our forthcoming tour in the Midwest with Dwight Lamb: www.biennews.com We're looking forward a lot!!!!

The new Habadekuk CD "Kaffepunch" is now out !!! It can be ordered via our record company's website: www.gofolk.dk or go straight to the FolkShop!
- or come see us at some of our spring release concerts and join us out on the road to celebrate the new album, see the calendar .. 
Here an exclusive small clip with our recipe for the perfect, refreshing, delightful, kaffepunch-drink

I'm happy and proud to announce, that I am among the 12 first appointed as Denmark's "Rigsspillemænd" (national folk musicians)! Read more and see the full list at: www.rigsspillemand.dk

Tuesday March 25th Jamie and I were on air in the radioprogram Nordic Roots & Branches in northern Seattle. It can be heard online in two weeks via this link: www.kser.org/radio-replayer 
(- select Tuesday March 25th and click on the hour of 7pm and the program Nordic Roots & Branches).

Spring is on the way!
Very soon I'll set off for my spring tour in the Pacific Northwest! Finally after a lot of waiting, now with a US work visa is in my hand! And there is concerts and dance gigs booked on both sides of the Canadian border. Most of the gigs will be played with the amazing fiddlers Ruthie Dornfeld and Jamie Fox in the new trio that we call "3 Fiddlers, 3 Traditions"! On Salt Spring Island Jamie and I will play a concert with Nellie Quinn! See full tour plan in the calendar!
Danish Roots writes about the tour! Bien News, (Danish Newspaper in the United States) writes here!

In April there is two new CDs on the way! Baltic Crossing is celebrating 10 years anniversary this year, we mark that with tours in all three HOME countries (see calendar!) and a new CD! We're also working hard on the second Habadekuk album right now. It will be called "Kaffepunch" and is released with a tour through out Denmark (see calendar)!
Follow this page for much more news very SOON!!!

Autumn/winter 2013
After great studio days with HABADEKUK in November, recording our new album. And the wonderful news about our TRADITION AWARD from the Danish Music Awards Folk (Danish “Grammy”) on November 30th 2013, we can't wish for a better way to end this fairytale of a HabadeYear!

Very exciting to see what 2014 will bring, at least the start looks really great, can't wait, JOIN US:
Folklandia, Jan 9-12, Celtic Connections, Jan 17
Danish Roots article about Habadekuk!

My master teacher and good friend Karl Skaarup has passed away on Nov 12th. What a loss but what a joy to have known him and played with him so many wonderful nights! Den2Radio featured him in the recent Folk Danmark broadcast, I was in the studio and told about Karl, hear it here (in Danish)!

On the more happy side, I've just been out in the Copenhagen streets with Morten Alfred Høirup and Sonnich Lydom. A little happy video from that greay autumn day can be seen here! The trio Lydom, Høirup & Bugge can be heard live a few places at the start of the new year, several concerts are afoot, keep an eye on the calendar!

What an amazing summer!
Busiest travelings ever with Habadekuk including a trip to Borneo, Malaysia, the amazing Rudolstadt Festival in Germany and four fairytale weeks of touring great festivals in big, beautiful Canada.

Right now enjoying some wonderful vacation in the Pacific Northwest, - fiddling, swimming in the sea, great food and company with my sweetheart, Jamie :-)

Next up (on the way home) visiting Quebec, Canada to play at the famous accordion festival, Carrefour mondial de l'accordéon with my duo Jensen & Bugge and our great friend and guitarist Morten Alfred Høirup.

Tønder Festival, I'll be missing you (a lot) this year! First thing back in the old country is going on tour with Dwight Lamb , including recordings for a new live album!!!

Looking forward a lot!
Best late summer greetings to you all :-)

- Just returned from a true fairytale trip to Borneo, Malaysia with Habadekuk! The picture is from the main stage, "the Jungle Stage" where Habadekuk played the final concert on the big Rainforest World Music Festival :)

Next stop is Germany's largest, the legendary folk Folk Festival: Rudolstadt Festival and then to Canada for a month of touring, including some of the biggest folk festivals there (see calendar)! There is so much to look forward to, what a summer, a boyhood's dream coming true!

We're getting really ready for and excited about touring with Baltic Crossing all over Denmark!
Have a lot of new tunes prepared for the forthcoming 10 years anniversary album, hear them live already now!

Catch us in Copenhagen, Roskilde, Odense, Århus, Assens, Lolland, Vejle and on the beautiful Island of Fanø!!!
- Visit the calendar on this page or follow the news on Facebook!

Now finally it's here! Wednesday December 5th was the premiere of the new movie "The musician - a film about Karl Skaarup" on Kino in Thisted. The movie is for sale and much more info can be found via the publisher Knakken's website www.knakken.dk

- Here a photo from the premier day, from the left: Jakob Oschlag from the Thy Folkemusik, filmmaker Jørgen Vestergaard, Karl Skaarup and Kristian Bugge.

- Sunday November 
25th JENSEN & BUGGE received the tradition award of the year at the Danish Music Awards Folk at Copenhagen Jazz House! www.folkemusik.dk

- Sunday November 18th at 20.00 you can hear Kristian Bugge solo in the Swedish National Radio P2 live from this summer's Swedish Korrö Festival. After the broadcast, you can find it online for 30 days via: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/default.aspx?programid=2406

- Radio interview and live music from the Nordic Roots and Branches show in Seattle, U.S., with host Karen Payley. It can be heard online for 2 weeks, click here! and select Tuesday, October 30th and scroll down until 8:30 PM. - Incl. trad music from Dwight Lamb, from Læsø and Fanø and new tunes by Morten Alfred Høirup and Kristian Bugge.

- Latest news is broadcast from Den2Radio where I was a guest in the studio with Erik Kramshøj in the program "MUSIC ZOOM 7". Featuring interviews and music from many of my bands / projects, like Habadekuk, Baltic Crossing, Impuls Trio and Dwight Lamb.

Listen to the show here!

- back HOME from WOMEX in Greece where we have worked very hard and represented HABADEKUK. We had some really lovely days and look forward to participate again next year in Cardiff, Whales, see you!!!

- Just returned back home from the Mission Folk Music Festival in BC, Canada. What a fantastic week with HABADEKUK - including the band's long awaited debut Canada! Watch a clip here from Shaw TV in Vancouver!

 - two pages of nice article in the famous world roots music magazine, fROOTS April 2012, read i there!!!

- Just returned from the great Shetland Folk Festival with BALTIC CROSSING, thanks to all the fantastic musicians, organizers and audiences, it's been an unforgettable week! www.shetlandfolkfestival.com - little review from The Scotsman (read column 6)

- wish you all a happy easter with this little tune of my own, the very first clip from my new video channel!

 - Great exciting times for HABADEKUK! It's alreday confirmed now that we'll be playing at The Beverly Folk Festival (UK), The Big Session Festival (UK) and The North Atlantic Fiddle Conference (Ireland) in June and the famous Cambridge Folk Festival (UK) in the end af July. At the same time we're negotiating with many other major festivals in countries new to the band; England, Belgium, France, Canada, Switzerland, plus Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Can't wait to see you out there!

- Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all good friends, colleges and collaborators! My contribution to Christmas music online this year is three small video clips: Baltic Crossing, Impuls Trio and Habadekuk. I look forward to the new year and all that it will bring of new challenges, jam sessions, dance and music!

- JENSEN & BUGGE BAND finishes the aniversary year with Christmas concert i Vestenskov Kirke on the Island of Lolland December 21st at 19.00, more info her!

- Via the national organisation, Folkemusiksammenslutningen (FMS) I'm part of arranging the big annual Folk Music Christmas Party held in Roskilde on December 17th.There will be workshops, concert, Christmas-dinner, polkarave, jamming and dancing!
Arranged in a colaboration between FMS, Musikaftenskolen Lirum Larum and Roskilde Spillemandslaug. All details here (in Danish)!

 - I am very happy and proud to have recieved the beautiful prize "Danish Folk Artist of the Year" at the Danish Music Award Folk 2011 on Saturday October 29th in Copenhagen! And at the same evening HABADEKUK recieved "Danish Folk Album of the Year" A very big day for me and the band! - read more here: www.folkemusik.dk

- busy and exciting days at the big world music expo WOMEX with HABADEKUK, for the first time with our own band-stand, K15! Welcome by for coffee(punch) and buns everybody who's around!!!

- The nominations for the Danish Music Award Folk 2011 is now published and it is really wild stuff! I am very proud and honored to be part of not less than 5 nominations! HABADEKUK, BALTIC CROSSING and IMPULS TRIO! It's almost too exciting, waiting till Saturday October 29th... More info on www.folkemusik.dk

- Habadekuk is recieving great reviews, from German FolkWorld.de and Swedish LIRA (in Swedish)!!!

- JENSEN & BUGGE are very thankfull to everybody who helped making the tour with Dwight Lamb such a great experience for us! We have been very well received everywhere and have had great attention from all over. Among other things, the Danish Radio has covered the tour in both P1, P2 and P4, hear one of the spots here!

- Finally Dwight, Mette and Kristian are meeting up in Denmark again, that is something to celebrate! One of the celebrations will be August 26th at 5PM at the Danish Radio's P4 Jam-tent, right next to the entrance to the festival area. There the new CD, "Dwight Lamb, Jensen & Bugge live in Denmark 2010" will be officially released. The music was recorded during Dwight's first ever visit in Denmark last year in May. We will play a short concert, offer some other good/tasty surprises and a chance to get a signed copy of the new CD!
www.gofolk.dk www.jensen-bugge.dk
Tønder Festival

- Dwight Lamb, Jensen & Bugge can now be found on the American TV Station, South Dakota Public Broadcasting!
A one hour long show with music and the story about it, told and played live by the three musicians, who will soon meet and tour around Denmark, including the Tønder Festival, Højby Stævnet, Hørdum in Thy and more... See the show online here!

- Now the CD, "Dwight Lamb, Jensen & Bugge live in Denmark 2010" is also released by the Danish record company Go Danish Folk Music!!! More info here!

- The duo Jensen & Bugge has just returned from a successful U.S. tour. They played no less than 14 concerts featuring accordion player Dwight Lamb of Onawa, Iowa. In addition, the duo played four concerts alone, based on the repertoire of the duo's new anniversary CD, "Sea and Land - 10 years with Danish traditional music." Read more here!

- the new CD "Dwight Lamb, Jensen & Bugge live in Denmark 2010" is now released in the states at Missouri Valley Music (missourivalleymusic@sio.midco.net)!!! And right now it's beeing printed in DK to come out there as well, on www.gofolk.dk. View a picture of the happy trio here :-)

- now Jensen & Bugge are flying out to the United States, for concerts in trio with Dwight Lamb and as a duo. Departure from Billund airport Thursday May 26th at 6AM!!!

- with two concerts, May 19th in Birmingham Town Hall and May 22nd in The Sage Gateshead (Newcastle), England, will Baltic Crossing be ending the big ECHO Rising Stars tour. At the same time, the concert from Konserthuset in Stockholm on April the 1st has just been broadcastet and is now available online untill around June 15th!!!

- We're happy and excited to announce that the duo Jensen & Bugge's US work permit (green card) has been approved today, May the 12th!!! :-)

- two new CDs will be released on the same day, May the 20th, at the annual Odense Folk Festival - at 3 PM Impuls Trio, 11.15 PM Habadekuk, come and join the celebrations!!! www.odensefolkfestival.dk Read press text about the Habadekuk album!

- Baltic Crossing's rising stars tour continues to Hamburg and Vienna, read more here!

- The new anniversary CD, Jensen & Bugge - Sea and Land is out, released by GO Danish Folk Music!!

- Saturday April 16th Jensen & Bugge celebrated their first ten years with a big anniversary party in Hørdum (Thy), Northern Jutland. Including music workshop from 10-16 and concert and dancing from 19.30. Special guests took part: Vegar Vårdal from Norway (fiddle), Anders Larsson from Sweden (vocal), Morten Alfred Høirup (guitar and vocal), Bjarke Kolerus (clarinet), Sonnich Lydom (harmonica), Rasmus Henriksen (trombone), Thomas Hedegaard (double bass)! A big thank to Jakob Oschlag and Hørdum Kulturlandsby for putting it all together!!!

- Jensen & Bugge Band debut concert and CD release April 7th at the folkBALTICA festival, review in Flensburg Avis, read here!!!

- Jensen & Bugge anniversary CD with guests Morten Alfred Høirup (guitar, vocal), Bjarke Kolerus (clarinet) and Thomas Hedegaard (doubble bass) is being released Thursday April 7th!!! Read press text!

- has just arrived back home from the longest Baltic Crossing tour sofar, concerts in 5 countries in less than a month, including Stockholm's Concert house, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, The BOZAR in Brussels and much more.. (all info under previous gigs). Next up is the release of Jensen & Bugge's aniversary album and Habadekuk's debut CD!!!

- new live videos with Habadekuk! Hopsadaddy and Hans Jensen's polka!

- has just arrived back home after a fantastic weekend at Celtic Connections in Glasgow, Scotland. Really great to play with "Reel around the north sea" again!

- has just arrived back home after a great and wild tour with Habadekuk at the festival Folklandia, next stop 5 days in the studio recording with Jensen & Bugge!

- interview in the magazine "Musikeren" published by the Danish Musician's Union 2011!!!

- has just arrived back home after a tour to Germany with Impuls Trio, we played for "BalFolk" in Berlin, Marburg and Leipzig, very nice!

- Sunday Oct 31st at 20.00-21.30 Habadekuk played live in Swedish Radio P2 in the programme "Världens Liv"! Recorded at this summer's Korrö Festival. You can hear the program online for the rest of november on: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/default.aspx?programid=2406

- playing a solo tune at the big Danish Music Award show at Bremen in Copenhagen on Nov 14th, representing the folk side of Danish music! IFPI Denmark

- interview in the Danish webmagazine, Rootszone!

- Habadekuk played OFF Womex showcase concert on Oct 28th as a part of the big event, Globenhagen!

- Baltic Crossing's Rising Stars tour starts on Dec 15th in Athen's Concert Hall!
(see the whole tour on the Myspace Calendar)

- Jensen & Bugge duo has has just come home from great tours in Quebec, Canada and the Faroe Islands! Now working on the anniversary tour in 2011 with the new five-piece Anniversary Band.. (hear the first band recordings on Myspace)